All our sewing machinists, material cutters and ‘finisheroffers’ (love that title) are fully trained here in the Thimble sewing workshop, before being signed off to work on any of our customer’s orders.

a total of

0 years of sewing experience
within our factory

Our sewing capability is extremely flexible and scalable. The company is big enough to work around our ladies lives (we currently have no male sewers but invite any to join us!) to ensure a successful work/life balance for all of our staff. All our textile projects are handled within our factory to limit the risk of spills, marks, or defects occurring. We endeavour to work around school hours to minimise any child care issues. Most of our ladies start at 9.15am and finish at 3.15pm, yet our hours are very flexible to help fit in with other commitments our staff have to consider alongside their careers.

Any of our ladies who wish to work their way up the career ladder can be offered training in whichever field they choose, whether it be cutting, design or sewing to further their careers.

Anything goes here providing the work gets done, oh apart from hot food on the factory floor – as we do not want any fabrics absorbing food smells! Our aim for all helpers here is for them to stay at ‘Made by Thimble’ for the rest of their working lives, ambitious I know!






Sewing Machinist


Sewing Machinist


Sewing Machinist


Turner Inner Outer


Sewing Machinist


Material Cutter


Turner Inner Outer




Turner Inner Outer

Thimble Values

Investment in People

Thimble invests in our people who handmake your products


We take great care to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible

Made in Britain

We are proud to handmake all items in our Somerset factory

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