Manufacturing your products

Once you are happy with your ‘Gold’ sample we will go ahead and make up the agreed quantity – see information on MOQ’s for more information.

By the time we arrange full production of your textile product, you may well know the machinist who will be working on your product. Everything from the type of thread, to the size of the needle used will have been decided upon. Our experience is used to ensure all the details are confirmed and accurate for the type of sewing project we are creating on your behalf.

Sewing needles are replaced regularly. New needles are used especially when we start a new order.

Your product will go through various stages such as cutting out the pattern pieces from the fabric, checking, sewing, turning, pressing, perhaps more sewing and more turning then finally trimming, quality checking, run through a magnet to check for pins and packing. Each stage is checked thoroughly before going on to the next to ensure top quality workmanship at each stage of the project.  We have tried and tested processes in place to ensure no needles or pins are left in the pieces and measurements are correct.

The Thimble team then get the sewing process underway. Unless we have any issues occur (rest assured we have successfully fulfilled every order so far without any failures!)) we will contact you once the textile manufacturing process is nearing completion to confirm the collection/delivery date.


Thimble Values

Investment in People

Thimble invests in our people who handmake your products


We take great care to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible

Made in Britain

We are proud to handmake all items in our Somerset factory

– Member of Make it British –

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