Ethical Policy

At Thimble we strive to support local business as much as we can, we employ local people, keep our carbon foot during production as low as possible and help out charities as we recycle material off cuts.

All off cuts of fabric are cut into small patchwork squares which we then donate to charities. We keep waste to the absolute minimum; this is very important to us. Anything remaining is recycled via textile banks. If you run a charity and need our help let us know using the contact page.

Thimble works with businesses that are as close to us as possible. Keeping our supply chain local helps reduce the carbon foot print of the products, therefore reducing road miles, transportation costs, packaging and keeps our associated services responsive .

We employ local people. We are based just outside the Somerset traditional market town of Wincanton, not far from the A303. So whilst our transport connections are great, there is rarely enough traffic on our commute to have any worry of idling vehicle engines! 

Based not far from a farm, there’s always plenty going on outside the window to keep the team inspired whilst having a cuppa. The location presents the perfect opportunity for a leg stretch during a break.

We have skills in house and a raft of local crafts people who work to repair, sharpen or mend our tools as necessary. So wherever possible we reduce, reuse and if possible recycle our essential tools.

When using our own packaging to return work we always use sustainable packaging, unless it is a clients’ specific requirement we don’t aim to use plastic bags for packaging. We fill boxes suitably and aim to have the correct size box for the delivery so we aren’t shipping too much excess air.